The willingness of discovering arises in each of us when we are children.

Each child needs visual or stimulating taste, smell and touch stimuli to appropriate development. Vending machines’ toys arises in our kids curiosity, giving them even incredible joy of discovering the World and also satisfaction to parents.

The mission of Vivendo is giving children incredible joy caused by toy or sweet, which is profitable for parents, who get complacency and child smile for a penny.

Vivendo was founded in spring 2007 making its first steps in bulk vending, so toys and chewing gums vending machines’ retail.

Our firm has been gradually developing to reach 800 sites in southern, western and central Poland in the year 2009. You can find our vending machines from small stores up to big hypermarkets and malls.

Vending machines are getting more popular in retail. Small size, durable and light construction, self-service is the key to success. Safe, diversified and colourful toys from vending machines are the best way to achieve child’s full happiness. It is provided by VIVENDO.

If you have your own vending machines and you are interested in products for them or placing our dispenser in your shop, feel invited to visit our web site and contact us.

Please fill in and send us form or just contact us to establish cooperation conditions. VIVENDO the passion of giving joy to children.

Vivendo dispensers occupy the space of 0,15 m2 in small points to 1 m2 in sites like hypermarket or mall. We pay great attention to match our vending machines with offered space and interior decoration. We owe modern dispensers of leading producers, thus they are beautiful and eye catching.

Toys. The safety of our little customers, diversity and beauty are the most important issues. All toys meet required safety standards. We are centered on inexpensive toys like bouncing balls, jewlery, to licensed well known and popular through kids and teenagers goods such as Hello Kitty, Tweety, The Cars...

We would like to invite you to cooperate with us and sent your enquiries concerning the rent of your space for our chain vending machines.

If you want to have your own vending machine or you are looking for toys and sweets to fill, please visit our internet shop Enjoy shopping in our store!

Everywhere we are we make great efforts to fulfill our motto:

“Vivendo the passion of giving joy to children”